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2014 Festivals: Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons: OTOTW

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2 years of Night Visions! 

Night Visions is Imagine Dragons’ debut album and it was released on September 4, 2012 through Interscope Records. Since then, the album has travelled on tour with the band all around the world, getting Platinum and Gold certifications in several countries. It has more than 3,900,000 sales in a worldwide scale. Night Visions, which was the very first contact of some current fans with the band, contains songs that have the power to make us cry, smile, feel on top of the world, dance and enjoy life a little bit better. Over all, I am sure it has impacted the life of every fan of the band and we couldn’t be more thankful for it and the journey it has taken us and the band. You should put it on repeat today all day! 

#HappyBirthdayNightVisions #2yearsofnightvisions

Happy Birthday ‘Night Visions’ !

Imagine Dragons: Backstage // Night Visions Tour

Imagine Dragons: OTOTW

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